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Clients / Customers

Our customer base includes the foremost agencies of our Nation and its allies, NATO and the United Nations. G4S GS has decades of experience providing services to elite and demanding clients such as the Department of Energy, NASA, and the Department of Defense, providing services from safeguarding nuclear weapons materials and protection of critical bases to Facilities Management & Operations, this is our daily regime. Below is a list of our current and past clients:

  • URENCO Uranium Enrichment Plant
  • Department of Energy
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • NASA
  • California Technical Institute Jet Propulsion Lab NATO United Nations
  • Department of State
  • Department of Homeland Security +
  • National Guard
  • DeKalb County, GA
  • Department of the Treasury
  • United States Postal Service
  • Department of Transportation
  • GAO
  • GSA
  • DEA
  • DOJ
  • Department of Defense
    • Army
    • Marines
    • Navy
    • Air Force
  • DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company
  • Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
  • BAE Systems, Ordnance Systems, Inc.
  • IAP world Services
  • Raytheon
  • Shaw Environmental
  • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
  • Shell Iraq Petroleum Development B.V.
  • Hess Middle East Ventures, LTD.
  • British Petroleum
  • JP Morgan Chase & Company
  • Chennault International Airport, LA
  • England Air Park, LA
  • City of Big Spring, TX
  • City of Pembroke Pines, FL
  • Common Wealth of Virginia
  • City of Brownsville, TX
  • City of Carrollton, TX
  • Kershaw County, SC
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • University of Texas Arlington
  • City of Irvine, CA

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