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G4S GS’s Board of Directors and Senior Leadership are committed to a corporate compliance program that involves continuous monitoring for adherence to all laws and regulations.

G4S GS assesses internal risk and maintains an Internal Audit program, independent of management, and reports to the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.  The Internal Audit Manager reports quarterly to the Audit Committee during scheduled Board of Directors’ meetings.

All newly hired employees are provided G4S GS's Standards of Business Conduct and certify to uphold these standards.  Manager level employees and above provide annual certifications to uphold the standards.

With more than 80% of G4S GS’s business performed with United States Government agencies, G4S GS is committed to providing the best value to the Government and taxpayers.  G4S GS operates within the guidelines of the Federal Acquisition Regulations and applicable agency supplements.

G4S GS maintains business licenses, performance bonds and taxing authority compliance as required by each State and Local jurisdiction where G4S GS performs work.

G4S GS complies with all United States laws pertaining to international work and operates in accordance with International law and licensing regulations in foreign countries where work is performed. 











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