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Security of Critical Facilities and Resources

G4S GS has been entrusted to protect some of our nation’s most critical facilities and strategic resources. Utilizing a cadre of highly trained and equipped para-military security personnel, G4S GS ensures the security of the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration’s (DOE/NNSA) Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, East Tennessee Technology Park, Savannah River Site, Nevada Test Site, Sandia National laboratory Tonopah Test Range, and the Hanford Site. These facilities, which comprise the bulk of our nation’s nuclear weapons program infrastructure and material storage facilities for plutonium, uranium and tritium, as well as leading-edge scientific research facilities, are critical to our national security and require the highest level of security.

In addition, G4S GS also provides security for several key National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) facilities and programs, including the Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, White Sands Test Facility, Ames Research Center, and Dryden Flight Research Center. A critical element of this G4S GS mission includes protection and support to the Space Shuttle Program, at the Kennedy Space Center, when the shuttle is enroute from Dreyden Flight Research Center to Kennedy Space Center, and wherever the shuttle is located or expected to be located.

The vast majority of the personnel employed by G4S GS to perform these high-level security missions have extensive military and/or police experience, many with recent combat experience in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are trained by G4S GS at some of the best, state-of-the-art training facilities in the country. These facilities contain live-fire shoot-houses, reconfigurable tactical training facilities designed to replicate any target facility on a site, indoor and outdoor live-fire ranges, high-tech weapons simulators, tactical training ranges that allow both mounted and dismounted firing, and pursuit driving courses.

Armed with the same weapons and outfitted with the same equipment as the US military, organized into small units for tactical deployment, and fully trained to detect, deter and/or defeat a determined and well-equipped adversary force intent on compromising our national security, our protective forces assure our clients that their sensitive facilities and material are secure. M-4 carbines, light and medium machineguns, automatic grenade launchers, Dillon-Aero Gatling guns capable of firing 3,000 rounds per minute, fragmentation grenades, night vision devices, armored vehicles, and airborne and waterborne firing platforms for  engagement or insertion of forces, are but some of the weapons and equipment used by our security personnel at various sites.

G4S GS protective forces at these sites perform the full gamut of security services, to include: manning fixed posts and mobile patrols; checking badges and searching personnel and vehicles; alarm monitoring, dispatch and response; canine explosive and human detection; airborne and waterborne surveillance; response force tactical operations; vulnerability assessments; and performance testing.
In addition to the approximately 1,500 para-military Security Police Officers at these DOE/NNSA/NASA facilities, G4S GS also has over 350 Special Response Team/Special Weapons and Tactics (SRT/SWAT)-trained personnel dispersed at these sites, who are capable of performing offensive/defensive operations, recapture/recovery operations, building clearing, deliberate assault and rescue, and long range precision rifle engagement operations.

Throughout their employment with G4S GS, our security personnel are required to re-qualify with assigned weapons at least semi-annually, as well as to attend frequently  scheduled refresher training on all facets of their duties to ensure they maintain the training, battle focus and readiness needed to provide the dedicated and professional security demanded by the very nature of the sensitive facilities and material we protect.

All G4S GS security personnel assigned duties at these critical facilities maintain “Top-Secret” level security clearances and meet the requirements of their agencies’ enhanced human reliability programs, which require annual and random drug and alcohol testing, psychological testing, and, in some cases, polygraph testing.
G4S GS is committed to providing the best trained, equipped and dedicated security force available to protect our client’s and our nation’s strategic facilities and resources. A testament to the outstanding performance of our protective forces at these facilities is our longevity (45 years at Nevada, 26 years at Savannah River, 10 years at Oak Ridge) and the outstanding Performance Evaluation scores received, which average in the mid-high 90’s at each of our sites.

G4S GS is proud of our service to our country and we remain steadfast in our goal of providing best in class security services for our clients.

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