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Driving Training

Evasive and Defensive Driver Training
This comprehensive program is designed around the instinctive reactionary process associated with crash avoidance and the expansion of the security envelope beyond the confines of the vehicle.  Based on analytical studies of assaults on government and corporate personnel, practical exercises include modulated, ABS and transitional braking, vehicle dynamics, high speed tactical driving, attack recognition and counter surprise, tactical evasive and attack scenarios.

Off-Road and Specialty Vehicle Training
Students will learn not only the mechanics of the 4x4 drive train and mechanical operation, but traction demands, shift points and proper gear selection. Practical exercises include proper off-road braking, acceleration, obstacle avoidance, emergency reactions, recovery techniques and a challenging obstacle course.  The culmination of training is an unknown terrain driving exercise, combining all elements of training.

Advanced Driver and Crash Avoidance Training
Through hands-on experience, students learn practical driving maneuvers in realistic emergency situations.  Lessons include vehicle dynamics, effective threshold braking and use of vision to anticipate and avoid crashes.  Practical exercises cover emergency braking, vehicle control at highway speeds, off-road recovery, as well as instinctive reactive measures to highway emergencies during wet and dry road conditions.

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