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Protecting the environment

G4S GS recognizes that our business activities have direct and indirect 
impacts on the environment. We remain committed to managing and minimizing those impacts in a responsible manner.

For example, we promote the following activities in our office environments:

  • Motion activated lights
  • Turning off pc’s at the end of the day
  • E-mail signatures that discourage the unnecessary printing of documents
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Recycling programs for aluminum products, paper, cardboard, plastic, and toner cartridges
  • Purchase eco-friendly recycled or biobased material (office products)
  • Purchase Energy Star compliant equipment
  • Purchase of frangible ammunition (lead free) for use at selected ranges
  • Re-use packing / crating material and pallets
  • Electronic storage systems that replace paper storage and the movement of that paper back and forth when needed
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaners / slovents


A major part of our carbon footprint is produced by our vehicle fleet, due in part to the significant number of vehicles we use. Consequently, we are focusing many of our carbon-reduction programs in this area. They include:

  • Eco-driving training for our operational vehicle and company car drivers 
  • Exploring alternative fuel sources
  • Collect used motor oil for re-use to generate electricity (SRS)
  • Use of electric vehicles when appropriate

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