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WACKENHUT SERVICES, INCORPORATED (WSI) was founded in 1960 with the charter of providing the highest caliber of security and fire and emergency services to our Nation’s critical assets and infrastructure for the Federal Departments, Offices and Agencies as well as State and Municipal Government entities. Today we remain the preeminent provider of cleared personnel to the United States Government.

With our founder, George R. Wackenhut retiring, WSI in 2002 merged with Group 4 Falck, today called G4S. G4S is a 100 year old UK based public security solutions company with stock held on both the London and Danish exchanges.  This strategic merger of the US and the UK required a new and separate WSI board of directors be formed.  A Proxy board composed entirely of United States citizens acting as Proxy holders provides the appropriate governance and oversight of our extensive operations.  In addition, these Proxy holders help ensure compliance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), regarding foreign ownership, control or influence (FOCI).

After providing over 50 years of innovative, cost-effective solutions, security and fire protection services to our customers, 2011 began a new chapter in our evolution. WSI is now known as G4S Government Solutions, Inc. (G4S GS). WSI has merged our national brand with G4S, the largest security company in the world.

Our years of serving the Government, G4S GS’s core competencies have evolved beyond security and fire support services, as we continue to diversify and expand our capabilities primarily through organic growth.  To compound on these successes and further our service offerings to our customer partners, G4S GS has expanded our core capabilities through select targeted acquisitions.

  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Facilities Maintenance and Base Operations Support Services
  • Training Support and Services

Built upon the ideals of our founder, George R. Wackenhut, G4S GS operates in accordance with our corporate philosophy, “Professionalism with Integrity”. We offer Government and commercial Government support customers with a low-risk, best value solution and our continual pledge to perform and manage each and every contract in an ethical, cost effective and professional manner.


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