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Mine/UXO Clearance

G4S GS through its subsidiary, Ronco, has undertaken mine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance operations in over 35 countries. Our success in implementing these projects is attributable to four central elements to which our programs adhere:

  • Deployment of an experienced team of technical advisors responsible for coordinating with host nation officials, directing logistical support, and overseeing day-to-day clearance operations;
  • Use of a highly effective integrated approach to mine and UXO clearance involving manual deminers, mine detection dogs, and mechanical equipment to increase efficiency, and ensure safety and quality;
  • Integration of local staff, who are trained and employed as deminers, dog handlers, medics, machine operators, supervisors, and laborers to build the indigenous capacities of the host nations in which we operate; and,
  • Support from our corporate offices in the United States, ranging from procurement and purchasing services to the broader context of programs including their management, and client coordination and satisfaction.

When combined, these programmatic elements yield highly accurate, safe, and cost effective results. Specifically, Ronco employs nearly 200 technical advisors who are highly skilled in the training and implementation of mine/UXO clearance and disposal, and improvised explosive ordnance disposal programs.
As previously mentioned, Ronco seeks every opportunity to integrate local communities into our mine/UXO clearance programs given their knowledge of the extent of mine and ordnance contamination in the areas in which they live and we operate. Once trained and mentored through formal and on-the-job training programs, our local staffs complement the broader technical knowledge and experience of our supervisory expatriate staff. We train and employ local staff in the following areas:

  • Manual Demining
  • Mine Detection Dogs
  • Explosives Detection Dogs
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Improvised Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Basic /Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Security
  • Management

For our mine/UXO clearance programs that emphasize the development of an indigenous staff, Ronco takes into account the host country’s needs and requirements and tailors each program to support national development strategies. The Company focuses on the creation and sustainment of an indigenous staff and organization capable of independently planning, implementing, and managing every aspect of mine action.
Moreover, in hostile environments like Afghanistan and Iraq, Ronco has experience providing its own security element to each of its mine/UXO clearance programs, enabling quick mobilization of advance teams and ensuring that all personnel and equipment are guarded and secure.

For More Information contact Ronco Consulting:

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