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Protective Services

G4S GS is nationally recognized as the industry leader in providing armed and un-armed security officers for protection of federal, state and local government facilities. Fully capable of providing both basic and high-end security services, our customers include the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, National Aeronautical and Space Administration, Department of Defense, Department of State, and the Federal Protective Service.

G4S GS provides uniformed or plain clothes, armed or unarmed, guards and para-military security forces who have the training and capability to accomplish a myriad of missions to include:  alarm monitoring and response; operation of x-ray machines and magnetometers; CCTV; personal and vehicle inspections; personnel badging; manning of fixed posts, roving mobile or foot patrols; traffic control; law enforcement; and airborne and waterborne operations.  All G4S GS security personnel are held to the highest standards of discipline and appearance and are supervised and managed by professional supervisory personnel with many years of military, police and/or security experience.  Each of our contracted sites continually assesses its performance via a local Quality Assessment Program, which is complemented by WSIs comprehensive Internal Audit Program, where contract and security experts are brought in to ensure contract compliance.

G4S GS is committed to providing our customers with the best qualified, best trained and equipped guard force possible. We have a robust recruiting and vetting system.   Only the best applicants are interviewed and, prior to employment, they undergo an in-depth personal, financial and criminal background check.  This systemic hiring process ensures G4S GS hires only the best-qualified applicants; applicants who have demonstrated the traits and characteristics required to be effective and trustworthy members of the G4S GS team and to provide unparalleled security services to our clients.
Each employee receives first class professional training, conducted by expert instructors.  The training is designed to be realistic, performance-oriented, and hands-on, which fully prepares our employees for the mission they are expected to accomplish.  In addition, supervisors receive further training and professional development to ensure they understand the full scope of work and better prepare them to handle any situation that may arise.  Virtually all training is documented in a customized training database which affords 24/7 oversight to ensure that training remains current. Training documentation is open to the client for inspection.
As a result of our hiring/vetting process and the training provided to our employees, G4S GS maintains one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the security industry.  This provides more stable and fully trained security forces who understand the mission and results in lower costs.

G4S GS fully recognizes that security is an around-the-clock requirement.  We maintain the capability to meet rapidly changing customer requirements and to ensure all security posts are fully staffed at all times. In the event of expanded or surge requirements, G4S GS has the capability to draw on fully trained and certified security personnel from around the country to meet customer needs on a permanent or temporary basis.

Our employees are equipped with the best equipment and weapons available. Ranging from 9mm pistols, rifles, and grenades, to machineguns capable of firing 3000 rounds per minute, G4S GS has experience with a myriad of weapons used in our day-to-day security missions around the world. G4S GS stores and maintains its own weapons in in-house armories and maintains a current Federal Firearms License.  Weapons are maintained by factory-trained and qualified armorers. Weapons found to need service or repair are repaired/replaced immediately.

G4S GS’s security forces continue to receive the highest performance ratings in the industry. Security is our core business and we do it better than anybody.


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